How It All Began ?



I’ve always been a “Thrifty” gal ….looking for the best deals and ways to “DIY-it vs Buy-It”. I would (and still do) go to the local thrift shops each week looking for something (anything) that screams for me to transform, refashion, or make-over.  Refashioning thrifted clothing is really wear it all began.  I had started a youtube channel called “Fashion Toppings” where I would do thrift hauls and tutorials on how to refashion my treasured finds with a few basic sewing skills.




Then one day while visiting my local Goodwill, I came across this beautiful unique dresser for only $75 and my addiction to furniture transformations began !   With the help of my husband, we turned this dresser into an adorable little bench for our guest house (which happens to be a 85 year old little farm house that we had completely renovated).   My husband didn’t understand my excitement for this project until it was done…..he was as thrilled with it as I was 🙂



As you can see in this photo, I’m keeping myself very busy with lots of little and not so little furniture transformation projects.   In this blog, I will be showing you my projects and what products, and hopefully I can provide a few helpful tips to inspire you to turn your outdate furniture into something new and fabulous !   Join me on this journey of creativity and let’s turn curbside junk into unique statement pieces.